1- Firstly, the hair is shaved.

2- At the second stage, the patient is given the local anesthesia.

3- At the third stage, Grafts are collected from Donor area.

4- At the fourth stage, canals are opened in the receiver area.

5- At the fifth and the last stage, all Grafts are transplanted into the opened canals.

Hair transplantation surgery is a process that takes a total of 5 or 7 hours including 1,5 hours for the first stage, 1 hour for the second stage, 2 hours for the third stage. There is break for lunch between stages. There are No pain and swelling after surgery if the instructions are properly followed.

Post-operative instructions

1- After hair transplant operation, you should lie down only on your back at 45 degree for 3 days.

2- The transplanted area should be avoided from contacting with anywhere / anything and water for 3 days.

3- We should take pandage off in the second day of the operation. And start washing in the fourth day of the operation. Hair washing process continues for 7 days ( first washing included in the 7 days )

4- You should drink plenty of water and keep away from salty foods for 3 days.

5- You should not drink alcohol for 10 days.

6- You should not do any sports for 3 weeks.

7- You should prevent the transplanted area from touching or hitting on anywhere.

8- You shouldn’t go for Sauna, sunbath, swimming in pool or sea.

Note: The transplanted hair falls out within the first month. Then Hair start regrow after 3 months from the operation. All hair regrows within 8 to 12 months.


1- CIPRO 750 MG TABLETS (ANTIBIOTIC), Use it twice a day. One pill on morning after meal and one pill on evening after meal until finishing the pillbox.

2- ETHOL FORT TABLETS (PAIN KILLER), Use it twice a day. One pill on morning after meal and one pill on evening after meal until finishing the pillbox.

3- PREDNOL TABLETS 16 MG (ANTI-INFLAMMTORY): On the second day Take 3 pills after lunch, third day take 2 pills after lunch and fourth day take 1 pill after lunch. Total usage time of the medicament is 3 days.

4- Hairmd or Sebamed Antihairloss Shampoo and Bephantol Body Lotion. Use these two products after 3 days from the surgery for hair wash purposes.

Note: The transplanted hair sheds within the first one month. They regrow as of the second month and almost all transplanted hair grow within 7 or 8 months.