Nore Abdelali hair transplant operation and its result

Monsieur Noré Abdelali and his wife, Madame Kamila Abdelali, the stars of the reality TV show Story Secret, traveled from France to Istanbul for a 4-day hair transplant procedure at our clinic. The operation lasted 6 hours, during which 3500 grafts were implanted. Mr. Noré Abdelali and his wife, Madame Kamila Abdelali, stated that they were more than satisfied with Byhairclinic hair transplant clinic and after the operation, they visited Istanbul’s historical landmarks to enjoy their trip even more.

The Abdelali family has announced that they will revisit us at Byhairclinic in the coming months. We were delighted to welcome you, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

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Three years ago, Mr. Noré Abdelali chose our clinic for his hair transplant procedure. Today, in this video, Mr. and Mrs. Abdelali share with us their satisfaction with the results of their hair transplant performed at our clinic.

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