On the 4th day of the hair transplant operation:

1. You apply the lotion that we have given to you, without rubbing on the transplanted area, only by sensitive touchings , and on the donor area as normal. We wait 30 minutes for the lotion to take effect.

2. After the waiting process is completed, you rinse the lotion with warm and clean water by sensitive touchings.

3. After rinsing the lotion, you put the shampoo in your palms and foam it , then pure the shampoo with warm and clean water on the transplanted and donor area with sensitive touchings .

4. After rinsing, you put the towel directly to the head without rubbing and complete the washing process by absorbing the water.


1. You carry out these procedures for a total of 7 days including the first wash.

2. On the 7th day, you do the last washing process to clean your head from dandruff and scabs by rubbing ( circular massage ) without using finger tips.

3. After the last wash, you no longer need to use the lotion. You can use the shampoo in your washes until it runs out.