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    Fue Hair Transplantation

    The hair transplantation changes the look of you and may increase your self-confidence. Before deciding hair transplantation, discuss your opinions with your physician and think of it. In all types of hair transplantations, it’s important for you to know  […]

    Beard, Moustache

    The most important source in beard transplantation is nape bristles which is used in both types, the most important issue about these bristles is that they grow as soon as they are planted. The person should be informed that it will grow like the hair. […]

    Eyebrow Transplant

    Eyebrow Transplantation

    Eyebrow transplantation is taking a living bristle root from any part of the body and planting it to the particular eyebrow area Although it seems ideal to transplantate because of not growing, arm or leg hair is not much preferred in eyebrow transplantation, […]

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    10 Years Experience

    With more than 10 years of experience, our team have used all the hair transplantation techniques in the industry.

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    byhairclinic had 8000’s of patients from more than 35 countries.

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    To make your life easier, we take care of everything ranging from accommodation to airport transfers.

    Why Prp treatment ?

    PRP Treatment

    The treatment is called PRP which is done by a plasma enriched from the cells called Platelet which is the main actor in blood coagulation. This method is applied to the same person by giving it back from the treatment area after bringing it into a rich position from platelets by a special treatment by taking certain amount of blood from the person.

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    Our clinic is a timely hairloss consultancy, patient care for man & women, provision of compleate Hair Care in standards of hairloss treatment. Modern up-to-date equipment is availiable  to treat hairloss.

    We have about 10 years’ experience in hair restoration, and have treated over 8,000 + satisfied clients. We have been dedicated to the treatment of hair and scalp problem.

    Do you suffer from balding or want to prevent it timely?

    Get in touch with our clinic today, to avoid feeling bad about your hair’s health and looks tomorrow!