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Hair Transplantation in Istanbul / Turkey
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    Before Procedure

    byhairclinic answers your questions about the causes and treatment of hair loss. Visit our website to learn more.

    The duration of the procedure is usually 6-8 hours for a one day session and for a 2 day session 12-16 hours in total – you are welcome to have a break at any time to have a stretch or use the bathroom facilities. The duration of the procedure varies depending upon the number of grafts required and your hair characteristics.

    The procedure is relatively painless as we administer local anaesthesia to minimise any discomfort. The initial injections can sting – it’s a similar sensation to having a blood sample taken.

    Yes this is possible at the implantation stage of the procedure but we advise listening to music via your phone and/or watching movies/documentaries on one of our iPads as it can be more comfortable due to the need to change head positions during the procedure.

    We provide a range of lunch options for you at the clinic and if you have any special dietary requirements please email us 7 days prior to your procedure to ensure any special foods can be organised for you. Please inform us of any food allergies and previous reactions to any food types.