DHI Unshaved Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is the process of hair transfer from the back area of the head (donor area) to the baldness area.Some people do not have enough hair in the back area, in which case hair can be taken from the lower part of the beard and from the chest area.

Among the techniques used in hair transplantation, DHI technique, also known as unshaved hair transplantation , allows transplant without shaving hair. DHI (hair transplant without shaving) provides the possibility of opening the channels in the scalp and implanting the hair at the same time after placing hair taken from the donor area in special instruments.

DHI hair transplantation technique may not be suitable for everyone. This technique is suitable for people who have thin hair at the top of the head and want to intensify their hair making this technique suitable for female patients.If the head is completely bald, FUE may be more useful.However, the final decision is made by the doctor and the experts during the examination.

The advantages of this technique can be faster and more comfortable to return to everyday life because unshaved hair , and tissues are less affected.

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